May 5, 2021 Opening Day  No Golf but a nice Luncheon

Bald Eagles and nest with eaglets on Hole # 3

What a view!  Hole #8.

Sonja W

Lori G

June 17 Fun Day/Member Guest

Back: Shannon A (G), Cathy L,

Shirley K, Heather B (G)

Front: Faye F, Judy K (G),

Shirley W (G), Leslie W

Barb V. Bobbie A, Faye G, Gloria F, Mary B

Kay L, Patte P, Tracey W, Karen H, Denise S

Cathi B, Karen B, Eleanor S, Jeannene J,

Priscilla T, Janet B

Patte P, Karen H (G)

June 24 Oh Baby!

5/21 Standing watch

Fun Times on the Course

6/22 Susan M, Nonie G,Ann H and Faye F

      Friends and Neighbors!

6/30 Getting ready to Tee off on #6: Barb V, Judy S, Sally R, Donna M